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#Write52 week 33: Hankies to the rescue

Last week was quite simply a shitty week and I never got round to penning my latest #Write52 offering. Much to my chagrin, but something had to give.

We're not known as being a sickly family, so it was just our luck that between the two of us, Izzy and I needed to visit our local urgent care centre, have an emergency dental appointment, head to the pharmacy, call 111 and ultimately take a late-night trip to hospital. All in the space of 28 hours. Joy. I am, however, pleased to report that my tooth infection is now all cleared up, as is Izzy's conjunctivitis and the subsequent reaction to the eyedrops has all subsided, thankfully. That has to be up there as one of my most terrifying parenting moments to date: The poor kid's eyes were so swollen from her eyebrow down to her cheekbone that she simply couldn't open them. Horrendous.

But anyway, after a more sedate week, here I am again and this is another super simple swap, and an old-school one at that: handkerchiefs. These little things seem to have fallen out of favour or are considered fuddy-duddy by many, but we've been given some lovely ones by our neighbour and now I've always got one in my back pocket. As they're just simple cotton squares, they wash and dry in an instant. And as a bonus: they don't disintegrate and leave bits all over your washing if you happen to forget them in a stray pocket. Hurrah!

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