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My Story

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I'm lucky enough to have lived in France, Germany, Spain and Mexico for extended periods of time and these experiences have helped further my passion for languages.


At the age of three, I moved to France with my parents and that's where it all began – I attended the local French primary school and had no choice but to learn French as none of the other children could speak English. I've never looked back since, except perhaps when we moved back to England when I was nine and I had one-to-one lessons with a French lady every Friday afternoon to keep it fresh in my mind until I went to secondary school. I hated every second of it at the time, but I certainly don't regret it now!


I learnt German at secondary school, and also studied it at A-level. After finishing college, I went on a gap year and worked in a Mexican furniture factory for three months. There, I learnt Spanish, as well as gaining invaluable insight into the furniture industry. I was also lucky enough to work in a hotel in a French ski resort for several months (where I had the opportunity to interpret for the local police when their normal interpreter was unable to get to the police station in the ski resort because of the snow!). I finished my gap year by working as an au-pair in Germany, looking after three children with whom I still exchange Christmas cards.


I then attended the University of Surrey and studied for my BA in Languages and Contemporary Cultures. As part of my degree, I worked in the European department of a German investment bank and as a translator for a well-known German automotive manufacturer at one of their Spanish production plants. After graduating with First Class Honours, I attended the University of Bath, where I studied for my MA in Interpreting and Translating. 


I have experience working as an in-house translator with one of Europe's largest langauge service providers and I have been running my own business since 2014, working as a freelance translator and project manager. I am the proud recipient of the ITI's John Hayes Prize 2018, awarded for the best performance in the MITI translation assessment.

When I'm not busy working, I can often be found in one of a few places:

  • Playing with our daughter Izzy;

  • At the side of a netball court, coaching the ladies of Priors Hall Park Netball Club;

  • Organising the next fundraising event for the local pre-school;

  • Walking our dog Sally through the fields.

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