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#Write52 week 24: The kitchen, part 3

Another simple swap this week, but admittedly it's not the cheapest. We're not big milk drinkers as a family, so swapping to milk in glass bottles delivered by Milk&More hasn't hit our weekly food budget all that hard. But I would imagine that if you and your family got through 4+ pints a day, you'd soon start to see a difference. One pint of milk in a supermarket generally costs around 49p whereas our glass bottles cost 81p, so it could soon add up. Having said that, it might still be worth trying as we find the milk keeps for longer, and the deliveries are super convenient. And of course it's plastic-free.

Milk&More no longer deliver everywhere as fewer households want milk deliveries these days, but they do seem to be delivering further afield as more families attempt to #DitchThePlastic. If you're in Leicestershire or on the border with surrounding counties, Kirby and West also offer a milk delivery service.

Image by Imoflow on Pixabay

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