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#Write52 week 22: The kitchen, part 1

Right, let's get back to #DitchingThePlastic.

A few weeks ago, I waxed lyrical about the wonder of Splosh, and please allow me to wax lyrical some more today. While last time I mentioned sploshing in the bathroom, today I'm sploshing in the kitchen instead.

Here's my current collection of Splosh goodness - including dishwasher tablets, washing up liquid, kitchen cleaner, floor cleaner, glass cleaner and toilet cleaner. While I love the simplicity of the label design and functionality of the bottle design, I can't help but smile at the wide array of natural colours. And don't get me started on the gorgeous fragrances. I think my (current) favourite is the mint & eucalyptus toilet cleaner, although the lime washing up liquid is satisfyingly zingy, too.

This week over on the Splosh Facebook page, they've been sharing some great behind-the-scenes information about how they're closing the loop and creating a circular economy to eliminate plastic waste from many households. As I mentioned before, Splosh isn't a completely plastic-free solution but they're taking a very responsible approach to waste and recycling. All their pouches are a somewhat garish green colour, but all the returned pouches are shredded, washed and treated, before being turned into granules. These granules are the same bright green, which makes them perfect for re-manufacturing into up-cycled products. I can't wait to see what products Splosh has up its sleeve for us in future.

If anyone out there fancies trying Splosh, feel free to use my code WHR3MSK4EC to get a £3 discount off your starter box. Happy sploshing!

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