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#Write52 week 18: The bathroom, part 7

First off, a little thank-you. Over the past 7 days, I've had several messages from far and wide saying you're enjoying my posts and feeling inspired. It's great to hear more and more of us are trying to do our bit. I know I've said it before, but I'll say it again: We don't need a few people going plastic-free perfectly, but lots of us going plastic-free imperfectly. So keep on keeping on :-)

Right, we're nearly there with the bathroom... At least with the swaps we've made thus far. This week's swap isn't a permanent one yet as the cost of environmentally friendly natural deodorants is somewhat eye-watering, but I do like this one from 'Ku.Tis, so I try to buy it when the budget allows.

I've found natural deodorants need to melt a little on your skin before you can spread it around, but this lavender & bergamot one smells lovely, as does the rosemary & lemon one. As I said, at £6.50 a tube, it's not a permanent swap yet.

To add another disclaimer to natural deodorants, a friend of mine has really struggled with the bicarb in the ingredients - it made her quite sore and itchy, so instead she's swapped to deodorant in glass bottles from Neal's Yard Remedies. While it's not 100% plastic-free, you can take the pump element back to the store and they'll recycle it for you. Again, it's not all that budget-friendly at £8.50 per bottle, but it apparently lasts a pretty long time.

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