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#Write52 week 15: The bathroom, part 4

First off, an apology. This week’s post is aimed at a very small swathe of the population but it has still been a big bathroom switch for me, so hear me out. "Who is my target audience this week?," I hear you cry. Women. Or more specifically, post-puberty pre-menopause women.

I mentioned briefly last week that women are being hit by the "pink tax", but even more galling is the predicament faced by many every few weeks – "can I afford to buy sanitary products this month?" Many schools now have red boxes available for girls to grab what they need discreetly, but there is a more sustainable, economical solution out there. Two, in fact.

First up are cloth sanitary pads (also known as CSP). This isn’t my choice, so I can’t share any first-hand advice, but I have it on good authority that the friendly folk at Honour Your Flow know what they’re doing and are happy to share tips and tricks. I do know, however, that CSP come in a variety of shapes and sizes, different absorbencies, different materials, wings/no wings, etc., so it’s an option worth exploring. As with cloth nappies, there is a heftier initial outlay, but you’ll soon start to save money and have a clearer, plastic-free conscience.

The other option is a menstrual cup. Again, these come in all different shapes and sizes to suit different anatomies and flows. I found my perfect cup - the Lunette - by completing the questionnaire at Put A Cup In It. It’s a really easy way to compare what’s available on the market, and to make an informed decision. Granted, at £25, it wasn’t the cheapest but I’m very happy with mine. And it had no plastic packaging either double win!

So go on, why not explore your options and see if you can make your wallet and the environment smile?

I promise next week’s guest post will have a far broader target audience: anyone and everyone with hair!

Image from Lunette

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