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#Write52 week 12: The bathroom, part 2

Still on bathrooms, I’ve got another really easy swap for you this week: washable make-up remover pads.

You already know my thoughts on baby wipes, and unsurprisingly, they are the same when it comes to make-up remover/cleansing wipes. In fact, wipes of any kind.

I’m not one to wear much make-up, apart from a slick of mascara on those days when I’m lacking in the sleep department (OK, that tends to be most days, but cut me some slack please!). I originally used disposable cotton wool pads/balls and eye make-up remover of an evening, but I’ve now switched to these beautifully soft, velvety, and most importantly reusable washable cleansing pads from Honour Your Flow.

I bought a set of 12 for £10.80 in early June and they still look as good as new, so while I admit they are relatively pricey compared to a giant bag of cotton wool balls, I think they’ll be cost-effective in the long run, as well as not being single-use. And rather than eye make-up remover in a plastic bottle, I’ve switched to sweet almond oil in a glass bottle from Purely Essential. I didn’t think it would work at first - especially on waterproof mascara - but I’ve been pleasantly surprised. I dab a bit of oil onto my fingers, wipe it across my eyelids and it magically melts the mascara away. I then use a wipe to cleanse my eyes properly and jobs a good’un! It’s also worked very well on the odd occasion when I’ve worn foundation, so it’s certainly a swap for life in my bathroom!

I wash my wipes in this handy bag; suitable for washes up to 60 °C.

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