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#Write52 week 7: Double win at Lidl

I'll admit that I'm a bit of a supermarket whore: Asda do the best sausages and have a good "free from" range for Ben; Aldi have Izzy's favourite oaty bars and some of the scrummiest chocolate you will find. But Lidl is generally my go-to for the weekly shop, especially if goat's cheese is on the list!

Lidl also seems have a good selection of loose fruit and veg – at least our local branch does. Don't get me wrong, not everything is loose but I do like being able to pick up a couple of pears and only a few apples as and when we need them, rather than being faced with a huge bag of pre-packed ones. So this week I was delighted to make two awesome discoveries while pushing the trolley (and Izzy!) up and down the aisles:

1. Reusable fruit and veg bags - and priced at only 69p for a 2-pack, they're pretty good value if you ask me. The perfect way to stop my onions rolling down the conveyor belt at the till! And also handy if we pick up any deliciously tempting pastries from the bakery, rather than using the paper bags that *still* have a plastic window in them.

2. Naked cucumbers - I know not everyone is a fan of these vegetables (yes, I'm looking at you Ed!) but I had to stop myself from whooping out loud when I found naked cucumbers this week. Hurrah!

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