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#Write52 week 6: Wipes

Thanks for bearing with me last week - I hope you’ll agree it was a worthwhile detour!

Anyway, back to #DitchingThePlastic. I’m pretty sure most of the single-use plastic that has invaded our lives has been foisted upon us by Goliath profit-seeking conglomerates but there are plenty of eco-friendly alternatives out there, and contrary to popular belief, they don’t have to break the bank.

So without further ado, drum roll please... My first, *really easy* swap is wipes. Baby wipes aren’t only loved by new parents - they seem to be in everyone’s house for one reason or another. They were in my house, too, before I discovered washable ones.

As is often the case with anything consumable, there are "branded" washable wipes, as well as "own-brand" ones. One of the big brands you might come across are Cheeky Wipes. We looked at these first and nearly got suckered in by the fancy colours, pretty patterns and "handy" storage box/system/thing. But I did some more digging around and decided we didn't need yet more plastic tubs specifically for wet Cheeky Wipes and dry Cheeky Wipes. Nor did we need essential oils to make the wipes smell nice. Daft, if you ask me. Plus they were eye-wateringly expensive.

Instead, I turned to The Nappy Lady's "own brand" ones and we've never looked back. We simply store them dry and wet them as we go. We've got a tub of good-old tap water in Izzy's room for nappy-change time (we used cooled boiled water when she was tiny as per the current NHS guidelines) and job's a good'un. They've got terry cotton on one side and a smooth fleece layer on the other, so they're perfect in any situation. And yes, they wash beautifully. Two plus years down the line, ours are still white, and here's the proof!

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