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#Write52, week 5: Going off-piste

I know, I know - I'm sure you're all chomping at the bit to find out what we're *actually* doing to #DitchThePlastic, but bear with me for just another week, please. This one's important.

This week saw an anticipated yet somewhat unpleasant letter drop through the letterbox: an invitation to book an appointment for NHS cervical screening. Now, I know this invitation isn't one that will be extended to male readers, but again, bear with me. Please.

Reality-TV personality Jade Goody lost her battle to cervical cancer 10 years ago, aged just 27. Her death resulted in many more women taking up their invitations to attend screening, but the "Jade Goody" effect now seems to have worn off. Fewer women than ever before are going for this vital test. Granted, it's not the most pleasant of experiences, but 2 minutes of discomfort could save your life.

So, here's my little plea: when your next invitation is delivered by the postie, please phone your GP and keep the appointment. And lads, make sure your mums, sisters, friends, partners, colleagues all go to their appointments too. Please.

Plea over.

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