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Back to work with a spring in my step

While the weather doesn't seem to have got the memo yet that spring is around the corner (yipee!), I am back at my desk with a spring in my step after spending a thoroughly enjoyable two days at the ELIA Together conference in Berlin last week. The opportunity to meet with fellow colleagues in real life always gives me a boost and reminds me what a great career I am forging for myself. Not to mention eating cake (did someone mention fresh doughnuts?!) with existing and potential clients.

I enjoyed several of the talks - notably Galina Green and Paula Hedley of Trend Translations talking about the "Power of We" in the context of working together with a fellow freelance professional. I also found Delphine Gérou's talk on aligning reference material exceptionally useful and I've already downloaded some of the software she demonstrated during her talk. Rosie Robbin's talk on content marketing also made it into my top three presentations, and not simply because she came up with a new verb: "to vanillarise"!

Here's to the next edition - hopefully in Athens!

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