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Spare Chair Sunday

Following on from an advert I heard on the radio over Christmas, I have volunteered as a Spare Chair Sunday host — a project being coordinated by Contact The Elderly and Bisto to ensure our elderly have the opportunity to share a meal with other people at least once a week. Unfortunately, the charity has been overwhelmed by volunteers and I have not been able to host a Sunday lunch yet, but I hope that that will change in the not-too-distant future.

In the meantime, I have also volunteered to host a one-off monthly tea party. I still haven't managed to host one yet, when I do I'm sure I will call on my sister's baking prowess to help provide a friendly atmosphere and a simple afternoon tea with sandwiches and a few cakes for the older guests and their volunteer drivers.

If anyone fancies volunteering, please have a look at their website for more details.

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