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Foodie Translators

I have recently joined a new group on Facebook called Foodie Translators, which has been set up by another freelance translator Claire Cox. The group is a great source of inspiration, but it certainly needs to be approached with caution as I often find myself drooling over the beautiful pictures that people post. It's also not the best place to go when you're hungry!

However, an idea was spawned and has quickly grown legs. Another member suggested that we should compile recipes and publish them to raise money for Translators Without Borders, a non-profit organisation supporting humanitarian work around the world by providing free translations. The current plan is to post recipes as downloadable PDF files on the TWB website, and people will be asked to donate an honesty fee via the donation function on the website if they choose to download one of the recipes.

Along with contributing recipes, such as one for spicy butternut squash soup, I have also volunteered to edit the main course section. I have seen the name of four of these recipes so far, and they've certainly tantalised my tastebuds. If anyone has any recipes they would like to contribute, please do not hesitate to drop me a line and I can point you in the right direction.

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