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My best foot forward

In a bid to combat my very sedentary job, I decided to purchase a Fitbit a couple of months ago. I didn't invest in an über-fancy one; it simply records how many steps I've taken and how far I've walked in a 24-hour period. It's set at the recommended 10,000 steps a day and I take great pleasure when it goes off to let me know I've hit my target. As I'm stupidly competitive (both with myself and others!), I have been known to brush my teeth at night while walking up and down the corridor if I'm a couple of hundred steps short!

Yesterday, I received an email from the Fitbit hub telling me I'd earnt my Hawaii badge - since getting my Fitbit in July, I have walked 563 km, which is the equivalent of walking the Hawaii archipelago, including all 8 major islands. But the email also told me I'll earn my next badge at 804 km, so time to hit the road and edge a little closer to earning the next one...

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