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Inspiring the Future: Mock interviews

As part of my volunteer work for Inspiring the Future, I was recently invited to attend a careers event at a local sixth form college to run mock-interview sessions. I was a little apprehensive about interviewing the students as I have very little experience in interviews, and I have never interviewed anyone for a job. However, the careers coordinator assured me by saying she would pair me up with someone who had taken part the year before.

Unfortunately, my interviewing buddy was unable to come on the day, so I was faced with a list of 20 names and a pile of CVs to get through myself. To say I was somewhat nervous was a big understatement, so I have no idea how the students were feeling!

Luckily, I had been given a list of suggested questions and soon got the hang of things. We had 10 minutes to interview each student for a generic job opportunity, and ask them questions about their CV that they had prepared in advance. We then had 5 minutes to provide the students with a bit of feedback and give them an opportunity to ask us questions. It was all fairly hectic and a bit rushed, but I hope the students found it useful. For many of them, it would have been the first time they have had to give examples to reinforce the statements on their CVs and it pushed them a little out of their comfort zone, as well as mine!

A thoroughly enjoyable day, and I hope I can take part in a similar event in the not-too-distant future. If it's something that you might fancy doing, head to

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