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#Write52 week 25: The kitchen, part 4

Q: What happens when you cross being (overly?!) house-proud with an inquisitive toddler and a crazy dog?

A: Constantly needing to buy kitchen towel to mop up those spills, clean sticky fingerprints and wipe away muddy paw prints.

That was until I discovered Bambaw's reusable paper towels. Now, as with many plastic-free alternatives and priced at £9.99 a roll, they're not the cheapest initially. BUT, I can honestly say I've saved a whole heap of money since we switched to these reusable, washable towels right at the beginning of 2019. In fact, we're still using the same 10 towels I ripped off the roll to start with and they come out of the wash as good as new, time and time again. I was a little skeptical when the product description claimed one roll of Bambaw bamboo towels would last as long as the equivalent of 65 single-use paper towels, but having used them for nigh-on a year now, I can see their claim stacks up.

Definitely another one I'd recommend trying in our attempts to #DitchThePlastic and #LookAfterOurWorld.

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