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A trio of networking events: STB's freelancer event

To end my flurry of networking events, I headed back down to London last week to attend Surrey Translation Bureau's freelancer event. I have been working with STB for about a year now and it is always a delight to hear from the project managers there. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend their summer BBQ back in June, so when I got the email inviting me to attend a brewery tour at Temple Brew House in London, I jumped at the chance.

Despite not being a beer drinker, the tour (well, more of a talk really as the micro-brewery is housed in a single room!) was fascinating and it was obvious the Spanish brewer really knew her stuff. She was keen to recommend the "Oliver Twist" – brewed with chilli and corriander. It sounded intreguing and I was reliably informed that it was pretty tasty.

As well as learning lots about beer brewing, it was a lovely opportunity to put faces to the names of people I communicate with on a fairly regular basis. I was also reminded of the fact that, at 5"11, I am pretty tall. I often forget that I am above average as my family are all pretty tall so I never feel out of place, but I certainly had to bend down when it came to exchanging hello and goodbye hugs with some of the PMs!

I'd like to thank all the team at STB for organising such a fantastic event and I hope to see them all again soon!

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