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Future First

Continuing my theme from last week's blog post, I want to talk about another charity initiative that I have become involved in over the last few months. In contrast to Inspiring the Future, Future First isn't aiming for you to work with a variety of local schools, but is rather helping your secondary school to build up a network of alumni. I studied at Uppingham Community College in Rutland from 1999-2004 and I am now part of the school's alumni network.

As with Inspiring the Future, Future First wants to draw on professionals' experience to enthuse secondary school students to pursue their dream career but with the added push that these successful professionals previously attended the very same school as these pupils. There are now several posters around UCC stating the fact that I attended UCC and I now speak four languages every day. I have not yet been back to the school to give a talk about my chosen vocation but I will be doing so after the summer holidays. Watch this space for an update!

In the meantime, I'd urge you to sign up (and encourage all your friends to sign up!) and help your former secondary school. It may be voluntary, but I certainly take great pleasure from giving students food for thought. Head to for more information.

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